Pay-per-week adboards
for Second Life
The grid-wide advertising network that works:
efficient large boards, clear payment, high-quality locations.
High-quality adboards
We review and maintain the quality of each adboard in Ads-O-Matic network.

The requirements are mandatory for every publisher: large boards, no ad clutter.

Clear pricing
The pay-per-click does not work in Second Life.

We offer you the clear fixed weekly rates. The ad price depends on location traffic, board visibility and quality.

100% web management
Do everything from your web account: upload ads, select boards, see ad efficiency.

For publishers: view and manage boards, view earnings and withdraw them.

Advertise your SL business
earn money by showing ads
We offer an efficient and fair solution for both sides: advertisers and publishers.
Control your ads from anywhere
Use Ads-O-Matic from any device, regardless of Second Life access. You even can upload ad images from the website.
Give out laterally anything on touch
Give a landmark, offer a web URL, send a custom Instant Message or invite to your group. Or all of the above.
Choose desirable locations for your ads
The network adboards can be sorted or filtered by the location and clicks quality.
Cover the whole Second Life with your ads
Ads-O-Matic offers the adboards all over Second Life: from well-known locations to high-traffic places you never seen before!
View detailed stats on your ads and boards
Monitor your ads effectiveness, including the number of people who actually saw your ads.
Make your Second Life projects pay!
Be an advertiser, or publisher, or both. You can provide your high-traffic location to earn decent money.
Join free, start with a minimal budget
Advertise your business, or earn money as a publisher.
All in the same account!
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